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In the Star Wars series, the light sword is the ancient weapons of the Jedi, using plasma energy. Light sword is a symbol of Star Wars, as well as inventing the most difficult to become a reality. By far, scientists know that the photons that make up light has no mass, nor interact with any other material. Therefore, the gladiator in the movie screen appears to be impossible in real life. Intelligent robots are an integral part of the Star Wars films and science fiction cinema. They often act as assistants, pilots, engineers and soldiers. Today, many of the applications in the life of intelligent machines, such as unmanned aerial vehicle, or rover robot assistant in surgery becomes increasingly popular. Another invention in the upcoming Star Wars spacecraft a reality is personal. Currently, many companies are working to build and put into use a new type of vehicle called hoverbike identical spacecraft in the movie. In Star Wars, the spacecraft moving between star systems are light years apart in a snap by going into hyperspace, a shortcut between distant points in the universe. Can see the device in a very modern film has come true today. Ministry technology wallpaper beautiful will definitely attract those who love technology.
Context of the Star Wars is universe open to countless galaxies and planets coexist. However, when the first part of this film in 1977, no one knew of the existence of a planet other than the planets revolve around the sun. 1995 scientists officially found the first planet outside our solar system. Currently, more than 2,000 extrasolar planets have been discovered. Along watching galaxy wallpaper in the Star Wars series.
You are interested in exploring. Take your favorite science fiction films. So together we admire the hd star wars wallpaper to life more vividly offline. Sure you have moments of fun with our wallpapers.

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USS Phoenix forum / Star Trek International / Technology and galaxy

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